Innovating Identity Verification for NHSD


orked with NHSD designing and implementation of a remote identity verification solution. The primary aim was to modernise the onboarding process of new staff through a greenfield MVP comprising of a mobile application and backend serverless API.


The project posed multiple challenges including leading a team of three developers, collaborating with the technical architect to design new features, and liaising with third-party entities. Additionally, the project was running behind schedule, which required immediate intervention to bring the team back in line with delivery dates.


As part of the project, we adopted a tech stack consisting of Python with FastAPI, AWS, Terraform, Angular, Cypress, Docker, and TypeScript. Using Angular 14+ with NgRx, our team developed the mobile application and backend serverless API for the MVP.

To champion quality code, accessibility, and security, we implemented best practices and conducted audits in the CI process. Our lead provided guidance to the development team and closely collaborated with the technical architect to design new features. We also worked closely with third parties, designing the contracts between us and them.

To bring the team back on schedule, our lead implemented effective project management strategies, streamlining the development process and enhancing the team's efficiency.

The MVP's key feature was an identification document scanning service for passports, proof of addresses, and driving licenses. This was developed using Swift to capture and perform NFC on the passport chip, and Python with OCR for reading the documents.


The project successfully concluded in 2023, delivering an innovative identity verification solution that revolutionised NHSD's staff onboarding process.

Our team's technical expertise, effective project management, and dedication to quality and security enabled us to deliver the project within the revised timelines. We not only built an MVP that met NHSD's requirements but also led a development team, navigated complex issues, and collaborated with third parties effectively.

This project underscores our capacity to drive innovation, manage complex projects, and deliver efficient, secure solutions. Our continuous commitment to the best practices and close collaboration with clients ensures we deliver solutions tailored to their unique needs. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to empowering organisations through technology and innovation.


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