Pioneering a new Energy Local Area Planning Tool for ESC


In February 2023, ESC, a leader in the energy sector, sought our expertise for an ambitious project: creating a new local area planning tool. The objective was to design and implement an advanced cloud infrastructure for their platform, enhance their data management capabilities, and provide technical leadership throughout.


ESC required an overhaul of their AWS cloud architecture, a cost-efficient solution that would improve efficiency, and a data preprocessing service to handle their large datasets. This needed to be integrated into a front-end application, serving as a local area planning tool for enhanced decision-making in the energy sector.


With our deep expertise in Cloud Consultancy and Data Platform Services, we designed a customised solution. We revamped ESC's AWS cloud architecture, resulting in a 50% reduction in infrastructure costs. Our team implemented automated deployment of Terraform infrastructure using GitHub Actions, resulting in seamless CI/CD workflows and significantly improving ESC's efficiency.

Our team, led by a dedicated technical lead, employed a versatile tech stack for the project including Python, Flask, Docker, Terraform, React/Typescript, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, and ECS Fargate. We successfully delivered the alpha stage of the project by integrating Python lambdas for API endpoints into a React application.

The large geospatial datasets presented a challenge that we tackled with an innovative solution. Our team built data preprocessing services using pandas and polars, enabling swift processing and management of these datasets. The services were seamlessly integrated into the frontend application, equipping ESC's planning tool with enhanced map visualisation capabilities.


The project concluded in June 2023 with the successful delivery of the beta version of the local area planning tool for internal use by ESC. The outcomes included an optimised cloud architecture with a 50% reduction in infrastructure costs and an enhanced capability for data visualisation.

The creation of this energy local area planning tool marks a significant achievement in our portfolio. It showcases our commitment to harnessing the full potential of AI and cloud technologies and delivering cost-effective solutions to our clients. We continue to strive for innovation and excellence in all our future collaborations.


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